Welcome to Life Psyence – devoted to celebrating individuals’ unique strengths through self awareness and communication about Personality Types.

I’m Jamian, founder of Life Psyence. My passion is to increase people’s understanding of Personality Typology, specifically to discover ways to leverage knowledge of Type for wellness in their lives and interactions. The path I’ve traveled to come here has been through many fields, united by a common thread of empowering wellness. With an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UC Davis I went to work piercing the veil of Neurodevelopment at UCSF and UCSD. A more whole person approach to wellness became more appealing, and I pursued professional training in medicine and psychology. Now I am a physician in the mental health field**. Personality typology has been a fascination throughout many years of self study, prompting me toward formal training through Personality Hacker’s Profiler Training Program. Having completed that certification in 2016 I am happy to offer the service of Type Discovery Consultation here. The live video interview method I use allows for fleshing out context that is missed in text-based tests that lead to frequent mis-typings. Click “Consultations” at the top of the page to schedule your consultation and put your questions about your type to rest.
**Please note that services offered through Life Psyence do not constitute a doctor-patient relationship or a medical or mental health evaluation.

Dear Jamian,

Thank you so much for the thought and care you put into my session and write up. There was a lot for me to think about and some of your word choices really struck home (hard.) I realize I have absolutely been letting my Ti (10 year old) run the show in so many ways. …  [Giving myself] permission (you used the word) to modify my recs to fit circumstances was exactly what I needed to hear. You are absolutely right … I feel like I’m both being true to my recs AND to myself.

The Pinterest board is amazing…

I truly feel like you’ve explained so much and that things make more sense now … I have a better sense of why some things bug me so much and why I need things a certain way a good deal of the time.

Again … this was a life changer and such a gift to take into my future as I figure out my next act. Thank you so much.




I’ve struggled with my type for many years, trying test after test and even a couple of other paid services that left me unsure. This consult dug deeper, and – although it was uncomfortable at times – I think correctly identified my functions and type and explained things I could never have gained from a written test and general type descriptor. I was skeptical going into it, but I think she nailed it. Not only that, but she gave some great insight into how my functions serve me and can hinder me, which I’m confident will aid me in my decision-making, planning, and self-care techniques for the future. Highly recommended.