All consultations are live one-on-one video chats via Zoom platform and recordings are included for your future reference. You may be asked to do some self-reflection written prompts prior to the session to set intention for the session and promote an open mindset about the possibility of an unexpected type conclusion. A consultation is a milestone in your journey of self discovery, but it is just one step. Many questions will surely arise afterwards. These are for you to explore. Extending the consultation through followup messages isn’t a sustainable practice for Life Psyence and deprives you of growing your new type insights yourself in your own sphere.

Personality Type Discovery Consultation

$150 USD. 60-90 min live one-on-one video chat. This is a conversational Myers-Briggs Personality Type assessment in which we’ll explore how your Perceiving and Judging processes manifest themselves the unique context of your life as an individual. This offers an advantage over generic text-based tests which don’t account for moods and experiences that can skew answers away from one’s best-fit type. I’ll also be able to explain your best fit type and cognitive function stack to you in ways that online content never could, since those one-size-fits-all profiles never quite capture the essence of a unique individual trying to find where they fit in this system. We’ll go on to explore how your cognitive functions play into your current priorities in life, allowing you to leverage this new framework to better meet your goals including time and energy management, organization, creativity, etc. Schedule Personality Type Discovery now