I’ve been typing as an INFP based off of online tests for over a year now. I had a niggling doubt that it was not my type. I started to think that I must be an ESFP, or any perceiver type because I just did not relate to the descriptions of the J types, at all. So I booked a session with Jamian so I could put this to rest once and for all and start moving forward to grow and strengthen my functions in a meaningful way. To my surprise, Jamian Typed me as an INFJ. She spent an hour asking me questions via video chat and was super warm, intelligent and well versed in typology. After she shared my type with me, she explained reasons why I’ve been mistyping and spent a good 30 minutes providing an over view of my functions and some extremely helpful tips on managing my energy. I felt seen for the first time in forever. She “got” me and I felt less isolated. There are so many mistypes in the online communities that skewed my perception of Infj type so I was previously not inclined to consider myself as this type until she thoroughly massaged my fears and doubts. Now, everything make sense and I trust now that I can grow and move forward with more confidence and start putting myself out there and sharing my experiences. I’m now less afraid to take risks and get negative feedback because I know my type. So if others disagree with me, I know that it doesn’t negate my experience. I HIGHLY recommend hiring Jamian to assess your type. It’s worth it for the peace of mine alone, and icing on the cake is some helpful tips to integrate into your lifestyle. Thank you Jamian!