When I looked into MBTI more than 2 years ago, I landed very fast on INFJ. I read the description and I was like ‘wow yep, totally me’. I embraced it and never really looked back. Sure there were some things that didn’t seem like a perfect fit but at the time I just thought it was just me being my own version of INFJ.

Whenever I did an online test, I would either end up with INFJ or INFP but I always dismissed INFP because of some online stereotypes that don’t resonate with me at all.

Anyway, for some reason I started to wonder if I had maybe mistyped myself. I couldn’t really figure out what I would be otherwise and I felt a bit restless.

Then I decided to have a session with Jamian because I wanted to get some clarity on whether I was an INFJ or not and I thought the session was very interesting. Turns out I’m an INFP… 🙂

The way she explained what INFP is about and how she saw it in me really made sense and all these stereotypes that didn’t resonate with me really stopped me from seeing what a wonderful type INFP really is.

If you ever want clarity on what type you might be, Jamian is very skilled and on top of that great to chat with, I can recommend!