Dear Jamian,

Thank you so much for the thought and care you put into my session and write up. There was a lot for me to think about and some of your word choices really struck home (hard.) I realize I have absolutely been letting my Ti (10 year old) run the show in so many ways. …  [Giving myself] permission (you used the word) to modify my recs to fit circumstances was exactly what I needed to hear. You are absolutely right … I feel like I’m both being true to my recs AND to myself.

The Pinterest board is amazing…

I truly feel like you’ve explained so much and that things make more sense now … I have a better sense of why some things bug me so much and why I need things a certain way a good deal of the time.

Again … this was a life changer and such a gift to take into my future as I figure out my next act. Thank you so much.