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How to Lead a Sustainable Life: a Physician’s Victory Over Burnout

Eighteen months out of residency and into outpatient psychiatry private practice, for the first time since before medical school, I’m coming home actually feeling a surplus of energy to put into my life outside of clinical practice. Sure, I did my best to maintain my interests and relationships during my training, but doing so felt like trying to wring blood from a stone.

A slight sense of boredom in the evening, oddly enough, is a victory now. I mean this in the sense of enjoying the all-but-forgotten sensation of wanting for more to do vs. feeling too emotionally exhausted for anything but slumping into the couch with a glass of wine, engrossed in “peak TV”.

It dawned on me: I think this is what not feeling burned-out feels like!

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Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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