Wellness, Personality, Success… how do we find balance with our many facets, roles, and needs in this fast-paced world?

This page is a place where I publish my writings to explore such topics. I also offer consultations to discover your Personality Type, based on the Briggs-Myers framing of Jungian cognitive functions. In a consultation we’ll also explore strategies to leverage knowledge of your type for increased wellness, personal growth, and self expression in the unique context of your own life. Even if you’re already confident in your knowledge of your personality, this is an opportunity to verify through objective eyes and go deeper on an individual level, as you are ultimately unlike anyone else of your type.

I am a behavioral health professional with extensive training in psychology, neurodevelopment, and Myers Briggs personality typology, and I am a Personality Hacker Certified Profiler. The service I offer is a 60-90 min session via video chat (Zoom platform) at the rate of $100 USD. This includes a recording of the session and links to type-specific resources for personal development.

If you’d like to move forward on discovering your type and leveraging it, please visit the  Calendar to schedule a session. If the available times don’t work for you or if you have any questions feel free to send me a message through the Contact page, my goal is to make this opportunity available to anyone interested.