Cognitive Functions

Cognitive functions Part 2: Perceiving Functions

People who book consultations with me are usually complex, fascinating people who are very self-aware and curious at so many levels - it is hard not to run with these experiences and share what I discover about Types through these interactions! This is one reason I’ve been doing a lot of articles based on the… Continue reading Cognitive functions Part 2: Perceiving Functions

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Can Your Personality Change?

Can your Personality change? Moment to moment, mood to mood, or throughout life? Of course! And no. It depends on how you define and look at what we mean by “Personality”. When discussing the Jungian/Briggs-Myers model of personality typology, Personality is defined as: - The type of information you inherently pay attention to (conceptual or… Continue reading Can Your Personality Change?

Cognitive Functions

Cognitive Functions Part 1: Judging Functions

Thank you to Christy Williams for contributing a question to kick off my inaugural content post! Christy writes: “I would love to hear more about the connection between personality type & the ways information is processed (i.e. internally or externally). I use the term "information" because I don't know if this is only applicable to emotion versus… Continue reading Cognitive Functions Part 1: Judging Functions