Enneagram, Myers Briggs

Finding Your Personality Type is Hard When Your Colors are Different

Finding both one’s Myers Briggs an Enneagram Types can be so bloody hard sometimes going by through the generic profiles and ambiguously worded online tests. My observation is that most of the descriptions of types are narratives of the behaviors (and sometimes thought patterns or values) that occur with the highest frequency in people of… Continue reading Finding Your Personality Type is Hard When Your Colors are Different

Cognitive Functions

Cognitive functions Part 2: Perceiving Functions

People who book consultations with me are usually complex, fascinating people who are very self-aware and curious at so many levels - it is hard not to run with these experiences and share what I discover about Types through these interactions! This is one reason I’ve been doing a lot of articles based on the… Continue reading Cognitive functions Part 2: Perceiving Functions

Enneagram, Myers Briggs

How Creatives Elude Type Determination

I’ve had the pleasure recently of typing a cluster of INFJ Creatives, and wow, can they be slippery! So, I thought I’d write about what characteristics show up differently in INFJ Creatives vs other INFJs, making them hard to pin down to their actual best fit type, and some pearls on seeing to the heart… Continue reading How Creatives Elude Type Determination

Enneagram, Myers Briggs

Unicorns and other Mythical Creatures

Today I’d like to examine misconceptions about some of the most misunderstood types in the Myers Briggs system - INFJs. There is a lot in here relating to mistyping patterns in general so don’t skip it if you aren’t considering INFJ as your type! It often comes up how “rare and wonderful” INFJs are... the… Continue reading Unicorns and other Mythical Creatures